Sapphire City is a Hidden Surprise in Plain Sight

The Swashbuckler from Sapphire City Board Game Parlor, made by Main Street Grille

I was able to attend the 720 Market this past summer, during my writing drought.  As in, my yearly promise to write more and then not doing so.  I was able to learn about a lot of great stuff literally a mile down the road from where I live.  The thing I was most excited about?  Sapphire City Board Game Parlor.

Located above the Main Street Grille, which supplies the food served at Sapphire City, the Board Game Parlor is a cozy home away from home for board gamers.  A nice array of tables fills the room (smaller tables for 2-4 people, bigger tables to accommodate larger group games or multiple smaller games), plus a few couches and loveseats in one corner around a coffee table.  For many, this is board game and care game heaven.  $5 will let you play any game in their vast and growing library with no time restrictions.  If you fall in love with a game you just played, the opposite wall has plenty of new games for sale.

The food, beverage, and snack selection is limited, but is understandable.  Food is supplied from Main Street Grille, a North Canton staple, and offers a variety of tastes and styles.  Sandwiches rule the world of tabletop gaming due to needing something you can easily hold and eat with one hand while the other makes your winning moves in cardboard combat, but specials like the recently added “Swashbuckler” (seen above) go above and beyond what you would expect when playing KeyForge or any other game.  They also serve sides like sweet potato fries with apple butter (YUM!).  No wine or beer sales (yet…I’m hoping they are able to in the future…), but they do offer pop, coffee, and tea.

Definitely hoping to follow the yellow brick road in the future and visit Sapphire City Board Game Parlor on a more regular basis.  I loved my visits to Malted Meeple in the past, but it’s hard to justify driving up to Hudson on a regular basis.  Sapphire City will offer a great local option and hopefully open gaming horizons in the city.


(Above Main St. Grille)
129 S. Main Street
North Canton, OH 44720

Tuesday – Thursday: 2pm – 10pm
Friday: 2pm – 12am
Saturday: 12pm – 12am

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