iRacing: I’m Going Around the Clock Again!

After winning the 9th (of 10) GT3 split of the inaugural “24 Hours of Daytona” in 2015 and winning the 7th Daytona Prototype split of the 2016 edition, Can-Am Racing Series is bringing four cars to the 2017 race.

Here’s a brief history of Can-Am’s previous runs at the 24 Hours of Daytona! Continue reading “iRacing: I’m Going Around the Clock Again!”

Stream of the Week: Awesome Games Done Quick 2017

Stream of the Week:
Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 (Benefitting Prevent Cancer Foundation)

Sunday, January 8th through Sunday, January 15th

Speed runners try to race through their favorite games to turn in fast times.  While The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time may have taken you more than 50 hours to complete, it can be beaten in less than 20 minutes at Awesome Games Done Quick.  Runs range across various games and platforms, with several run variations including “glitchless”, “Any %”, and “Tool-Assisted”.

Watch Here:

Through My Lens: Beauty in Destruction

Taken in the Cobbly Nob community…the remains of one of the community’s cabins.  While the Chimney stands tall, beams of light fall from the skies in the background.  I took this in December while visiting with family.

Mansfield Memories: Make America Dirt Again?

So, it happened:  the recently-rumored transition for Mansfield is true.  A new lease deal brings a new promoter, and Mansfield will return to being a dirt track following two years of asphalt racing.  Or at least, since it re-opened for the 2015 season.

As a fan of asphalt racing, I am sad to see possibly the best asphalt facility in Ohio go dirt.  But…I will be the first to admit that it makes sense.  Mansfield’s roots are in dirt, and dirt racing is absolutely thriving right now…especially in Ohio.  Eldora, Fremont, Attica, Sharon, Atomic…I could go on and on.  All top tracks on touring series, both regionally and nationally.

However, since Columbus Motor Speedway is now becoming a Major League Lacrosse stadium, the region needs racing.  Dirt provides that opportunity to reinvigorate the region, and use a facility that would otherwise potentially sit vacant (see Lake Erie Speedway, used for racing only a handful of times since an attempted sale fell through). Continue reading “Mansfield Memories: Make America Dirt Again?”

Akron, Marietta Share Ohio Athletic Conference Connection

Thanks to my Fraternity Brother Chuck and his wife Noel (shoutout to his blogging challenge!), I got to enjoy a night of Akron Zips Men’s Basketball at the James A. Rhodes Arena (affectionately known as The JAR).  While we attempted to eat our way through the included buffet, the Zips beat Bowling Green’s Falcons 89 to 84.

While the win kicked off Akron’s Mid-American Conference schedule, it also allowed the team’s head coach Keith Dambrot to complete a major milestone for the program at home.  We’ll get back to that in a minute. Continue reading “Akron, Marietta Share Ohio Athletic Conference Connection”

SPEED51: Ron Miller Cures Hangover for 13th Time at Sandusky 

“While many people around the nation were nursing their post-New Year’s Eve hangovers, Midwest racers convened at Sandusky Speedway (OH) on Sunday to find their annual cure: the Wild Bill Hart Hangover Race.

The 39th edition of the Hangover Race, which runs annually on New Year’s Day in any weather, featured 25 racers across three divisions.  Front Wheel Drive racers joined the Whiskey Stock division, while Street Stock and Mini Truck racers joined the Moonshine Stock division.  Drivers could also enter the Champagne Stock division, which was an open division with no rules.”

Through My Lens: The Ohio Turnpike

At the Vermillion Valley Service Plaza, motorists can check out a brief history of the Ohio Turnpike.  The exhibit lays out 60 years of Ohio Turnpike milestones (celebrating the Turnpike’s 60th Anniversary).  Mounted about the exhibit is one of the original Ohio Turnpike signs that welcomed travelers to the highway.

When I started working at my full time job (buying wrecked cars at insurance auctions), I spent many miles on the Ohio and Pennsylvania Turnpikes.  I appreciate their rest stops, which I would use to take breaks or grab breakfast.  So I loved spending some time walking through this exhibit while returning from today’s Wild Bill Hart Hangover Race at Sandusky Speedway.

2017 Blogging Challenge

As you may have noticed, Hey Hey Hahe has been re-launched!

Simple reason for this:  I’ve decided to challenge myself to write more in 2017.  So I restarted my personal blog site, Hey Hey Hahe, to share my Speed51 work, talk about the things that happen in my life, and…write more.

The plan is to try and post one thing a day for the entire year.  You may see multiple posts in one day as well, depending on what’s going on.

Feel free to annoy me if I don’t keep up my end of the bargain.  I don’t plan to get super personal on here, but we will see where things take us!

Stream of the Week(End): Zeldathon Cures

Stream of the Week(End):
Zeldathon Cures (Benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital)

Twitch Streamers gather to play through much of The Legend of Zelda game library to raise money for charity.  Additional games are unlocked as more money is raised.  Games can then be “upgraded” in difficulty or added playing conditions if additional money is raised.

Watch Here: